Industry at A Glance

  • In Myanmar, technology is going to be part of the country’s transformation. Myanmar market expect change faster than ever before.

  • According to Oxford Business Group, FMCF sector had expanded 15% since 2011, noting that food groceries, household products and personal care products account for 47% average monthly consumer expenditure in the country.

  • Automotive market is also projected to record rapid mid-term growth. According to Frost & Sullivan the share of new vehicles in total sales rose to 3% as of mid-2016 compared to less than 1% two years before. Auto market will increase by an average of 7.8% through to 2019.

  • Main driver is growth of Myanmar’s middle class. By 2020, middle class incomers will reach 10 million people (roughly 20% of total population and will generate soaring demand for high-quality groceries.

  • Myanmar is under rapid urbanization with around 18 million people or 34% of the population live in big cities and urban areas. The urbanized share is expect to reach 37% over the next 3 years. openloadporn
  • About 90% of retail sales are conducted through traditional trade but the revenues of modern groceries have been growing at 8% per year.

  • Myanmar Retailers Association foresees that the Myanmar Retail industry will grow at an average annual rate of 16% in 2016-2018 due to the economic growth and change of lifestyle.

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